Todd Tagnesi

Todd Tagnesi is a Fluid Abstract Artist residing in Midlothian, Virginia.

Todd has always had a passion for color and loves the way they blend to create new colors and designs. He manipulates the paint to different consistencies using various mediums to create extreme textures and effects by blending, shading, fusing, and layering, almost melting colors together.

What he loves most about his Fluid Abstract Style, is the way he will begin with a general outline of colors and textures to incorporate on the canvas and the paint will take over blending and mixing, creating fantastic effects on their own. Having the flexibility to change the landscape of the painting on the fly instead of being forced to adhere to a certain technique or preconceived notion of what constitutes art. There are no true definitions, no fine lines, or absolute rights or wrongs.



Instagram: @todd_tagnesi