Vicki Foster Miller

Vicki Foster Miller creates contemporary treasures, and her enthusiasm for creating art is contagious. She has made comments such as, “It’s like magic to be painting,” “This new painting feels good like the sunshine,” and “When you walk out of my studio and then turn around and walk back in, this new piece is by far the happiest painting in the room.”

Vicki paints in oil; her favorite painting tool is the palette knife. She explores color as some view sunshine: bright and luminescing. She uses color and gold or copper leaf to add a reflective light to the surface of her paintings. Her goal is to combine technique with unabashed spontaneity, fusing pattern with emotion. Vicki’s subject matter explores shapes, dots, circles, squares, gestural figures, places, and landscapes. Her strength is design; the subject matter may look simplistic, but the design, color theory, and thought behind her creations truly touch the heart of the viewer and her collectors.