Gallion, Karyn Title: Sea-rious Cravings

Gallion, Karyn Title: Sea-rious Cravings


Karyn Gallion

Sea-rious Cravings

Wood, Clay, Wire

18 x 19 x 8


Our family motto has always been "Don't wait for your ship to come in, swim out after it!" which is clearly what this little swimmer believes. She comes to life when you turn the crank. Hand sculpting & laser cutting is used to fabricate the components; finished with acrylic paint.


Artist Statement

I paint, sculpt, build, and play daily in my makerspace workshop. Experimenting in multiple mediums is exciting; the core of my style is contemporary nature art. Using found objects, sculpture, and assemblage techniques, I explore playful underwater perspectives, often with humor, but always with a hope to evoke an appreciation of the sea around us. Creating automata has become my passion. This kinetic artwork magically comes to life in a whimsical story-telling event when a viewer turns the crank. I use a combination of power tools, hand carving, and laser-cutting to fabricate the components for each piece. The parts are finished with a variety of mixed media to produce stories with mechanically mesmerizing automatons. I draw from my acquired skillset in commercial art, theatrical production, product design and user experience design and delight in watching how people react and interact with my work.

Collection: Woodworking

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