Jeanne Schlesinger, Jeanne S Unique Lens


Jeanne Schlesinger is drawn to beauty that is hidden in plain sight. She typically notices the small things that could seem insignificant at first glance, things such as a tiny sparkle on the end of a leaf, a subtle shade of green that peeks out from the other foliage, or aging rust that changes colors and forms a fascinating pattern.


When she makes the time to stop and look with a sense of awe, she is rewarded with beautiful moments that she captures with her camera. She often gasps with wonder when she sees something through the viewfinder that resonates at just the right vibration with her soul. It brings her great joy when that vibration also connects with someone else and they are able to nurture their spirit with her pictures.


Jeanne took her first photography class at age 49, and she soon learned that seeing the world through the lens of her camera (as well as her heart) was the spiritual practice she had been born to pursue. She had always thought of music as the outlet for her creativity, having played the violin since she was 9. But after photography found her, she realized that music had been holding the space for her until she was ready to see the visual magic that was hiding everywhere, just waiting for her to capture it.


Now she finds joy every day when she connects with the world through her unique lens and she is filled with gratitude when she is able to inspire others with what she shares.







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