Nancy Sowder


Art is the record of a conversation between the maker and the medium.


During a pottery demonstration at an outdoor festival, a wet clay cylinder is transformed into a large round-bellied pitcher within seconds, like a magic trick. To a seven-year-old watching this was pure delight, leaving an indelible memory.


With a strong fine-arts approach to clay, her figurative sculptures, are meant to be both visually and psychological engaging. They are built without the use of internal supports, resulting in a cavernous interior space that is often left open to view. These interiors are  further developed with mixed-media tableaus that hint at stories and psychological states.   Even in the figurative pieces where the interior is not visible, a curiosity about the internal workings of the mind remains.


Love of color and design has endured since childhood. She’s uncertain as to why it took so long to bring them together with clay, but grateful that it happened. The joy of painting and carving is evident in the detailed surfaces and intricate designs of her functional pieces.


Nancy received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Master of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University. She has sold  both sculptural and functional work and participated in local, regional, and national juried shows.



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