Alexander Kosninchev Title: Borisgleb

Alexander Kosninchev Title: Borisgleb


Alexander Kosninchev



33.5" x 35"


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Alexander Kosnichev is an internationally known realist / impressionist painter based in Moscow, Russia. Kosnichev’s paintings have been exhibited worldwide and can be found in private collections throughout USA, Europe, and Asia. (

Alexander Eugenyivich Kosnichev was born in 1970, in Moscow, into a family of artists.  In 1983, he was accepted into the Moscow Secondary School of Art, the preparatory school for Surikov Institute.  He completed his education there in 1988 and began actively exhibiting his work.  In 1992, he was accepted to the Surikov Moscow State Institute of Art, and in 1994, undertook study in the painting studio of V. N. Zabelin.  He graduated from the Institute in 1998.  Since 1994, he has been a member of The International Artist's Fund, and in 1995, he was accepted in the International Federation of Art (UNESCO).  Since 1999 he has worked in the painting studio of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts under the famed Tkachev brothers. He is constantly participating in exhibitions throughout Russia and abroad.

Selected Awards:
Academy of Arts Golden Medal for his work exhibited in the international art exhibition on the 60th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945
Diploma of the Union of Artists' of Russia, 2002
Tkachev Brothers Scholarship, 2001

Regular shows in many countries including Germany, France, Russia, and the US. In the US his works are shown frequently at Lazare Gallery, Charles City, VA; Walls Gallery, Wilmington, NC; Wallace Fine Art, Longboat Key, Fl; as well as James Yarosh Assoc., Holmdel, NJ.

Most Moscow Artist Union Shows
1996, 2004, & 2005, Solo-exhibition

2004, Tretyakov Gallery Museum
Collections: His works are in private collections in Russia, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, USA, and South Korea.

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