Alexey Sukhovetsky Title The House with Irises

Alexey Sukhovetsky Title The House with Irises


Alexey Sukhovetsky

The House with Irises


27" x 29"


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Russia born in 1953

People's Artist of Russia (2007). Secretary of the Union of Artists of Russia.

Member of the Board of the Moscow Association of Artists (MOA). Diploma of the Russian Academy of Arts (1996). Gold Pushkin Medal of the Confederation of Creative Unions of Russia (1999). Award for painting by the Union of Artists of Russia named after A.M. Gritsaya (2002). Painting Prize of the Moscow Partnership of Painters (MA) named after N.P. Krymova (2004).

Silver medal of the Russian Academy of Arts (2004). Corresponding Member of the Petrovsky Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Associate Professor, Department of Painting, Moscow Art Theater named after V.I.Surikova (from 2000 to the present).

He graduated from the Moscow secondary art school at the Moscow State Art Institute. V.I.Surikova (1971).

Graduated from Moscow State Art Institute named after V.I.Surikov in the workshop of Professor V.G. Tsyplakova (1978).

Since 1975, a participant in Moscow, All-Russian and international art exhibitions.

The works are stored in the collections of the Belgorod Museum of Art, the Ulyanovsk Museum, the Tyumen Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Ulan-Ude, the Krasnoyarsk Art Gallery, the Kosmodemyansk Art and History Museum, the Kaliningrad Art Gallery, and the Kirov Art Museum. Brothers V.M. and A.M.Vasnetsovs, Saransk Museum of Glory, in collections of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation (Moscow), Royal National Gallery of Fine Arts (Amman, Jordan), Lazare Gallery (USA), Francesco Chiaramelli (Switzerland), Art Prima Gallery, private collections in Russia and abroad.



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