Alicia Wilburn Title: Organic Soy Candles

Alicia Wilburn Title: Organic Soy Candles

$11.00 - $22.00

Alicia Wilburn

Two Fat Babies Candle Company is an Afro Indigenous owned business. They use GMO free soy wax with braided cotton core wicks to be more environmentally friendly and reduce soot accumulation on the candle jar. Each candle is scented with earth-friendly scents for your enjoyment.

Organic Soy Candles

Burn time 
♡ 4 oz about 35 hours
♡ 8 oz about 75 hours
♡ 16 oz about 150 hours

Large Candles are available for purchase online $22 in these scents:

White Tea & Jasmine
Pomegranate Cider

Small Candles are available for purchase online $11 in these scents:
Orange & Goji Berry
Peppermint & Eucalyptus
Lemon Verbena

 Other scents are available In-Store

  •  Oud and Tonka - this sweet and Woody scent combines the earthy musk of oud and the sweet vanilla scent of the tonka.
  • Whiskey, Coriander, and Tonka - this delightful mix contains notes of your favorite whiskey paired with coriander, tobacco leaves, and the vibrant vanilla scent that is tonka bean.
  • Leather, Moss, and Amber - the earthy notes of leather combined wonderfully with the green notes of moss and the spicy notes of Amber and Sage to create a warm and earthy mix perfect for any place in your home.
  • White Tea and Berries - the delightful scent of white tea is combined with fruity Berry notes, citrus oh, and just a hint of nutmeg
  • Lavender - this candle will make you think you're walking through a field of blooming lavender nice floral notes of the plant basenotes of Woody green notes of the flower
  • Lemon Verbena - this candle is made up of the bright notes of the dress specifically lemon mixed with the essence of Lemon Verbena plant and lemongrass
  • Dark Ocean - this beach inspired scent combines sea salt, ozone, and dark Musk to create a hauntingly beautiful scent that you can't quite get enough of.
  • Orange and Goji berry - this bright and welcoming candle is heavy on the orange and Changi goji berry scent with mild notes of green leaves to balance this incredibly fresh scent.
  • Red Ginger and saffron - zesty notes of lemon with the strong Aroma of Ginger balances nicely the gentle hint of saffron to create a balance and zenlike state
  • Peppermint & Eucalyptus - the best parts of the crisp peppermint and aromatic eucalyptus blend in this creamy scented candle with soft notes of vanilla to compliment both
  • Sea Salt and Orchid - with the light floral notes of orchid combined with ozone, sea salt, and a hint of green leave this candle will leave you ready for a Beach vacation
  • Currant Absinthe - with fruity notes of currents blackberries and apples it lends a mellowing effect to the absinthe and the richness of Amber.
  • Cypress and Bayberry - this is our best selling candle no matter what time of year it is. It contains notes of Cypress, Bayberry, fir, moss, and patchouli. You can't go wrong with this one.


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