Bart Levy  Title:Top of the World

Bart Levy Title:Top of the World


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Bart Levy

Top of the World



50% of Proceeds will be purchasers choice and 50% will go to Art 180

From Bart -- Now is your opportunity to support our community. This painting was based (with permission) on a photo from one of @WillTurner’s many - many! - #liveyourbold triathlons last year. Many of you liked this painting when I posted it on Instagram. In fact, it was one of my very top posts.

@art180 is a great program that works with kids to help them express themselves through art. As a non-profit, they are always on a shoestring budget; today’s events are an additional burden. Have a favorite organization? When you buy this painting, you’ll support them too!

Thanks for buying art to support the Small Business Fundraiser!