Chuck Larivey Title: 369 Landscape

Chuck Larivey Title: 369 Landscape



Chuck Larivey

369 Landscape

11" x 14"

Oil on Panel 


Why SIP?

SIP was an unexpected pleasure, I happened to be in the right place at the right time. I accidentally found myself coerced by some lovely ladies into sharing my artsy skills in a way never imagine. A teacher of sorts…. A coach perhaps! I never bought into the concept or thought about it again. What did happen over many years was a group of fearless friends, colleagues really, working jointly to an end game. Making, showing, and selling "best wall" paintings with the help and support of CAC, our home-base and owner Jenni Kirby. Unexpected is an understatement, for me the best part of being and artist, my weekly existence, proudly watching them soar amongst many. – Chuck Larivey


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