Dietz, Alicia Title: On the Horizon
Dietz, Alicia Title: On the Horizon
  • Dietz, Alicia Title: On the Horizon
  • Dietz, Alicia Title: On the Horizon

Dietz, Alicia Title: On the Horizon


Alicia Dietz

On the Horizon

8 x 9 x 1.5"

Ultra High-Performance Concrete and Wood



Live edge walnut and artisan GFRC concrete are combined to create a natural horizon. A variety of wall pieces are available, and each is unique. This version has image transfers of trees on the concrete. As the wet concrete pours onto the image, the concrete lifts the ink and the image transfers.

Artist's Statement:

I design and build custom modern and contemporary furniture with the craftsmanship to last a lifetime.

After a ten-year career as a Blackhawk Maintenance Test Pilot and Commander in the U.S. Army, I followed my passion for craft. I served in Iraq and was stationed all over the world including Germany, Alaska, and Egypt. While seemingly two different areas of expertise, my career in the Army unexpectedly prepared me to design and build. The discipline necessary to command soldiers and to test broken helicopters has translated into an astute attention to detail and unwavering work ethic.

After attending Vermont Woodworking School, I interned with Wendy Maruyama before attending graduate school at Virginia Commonwealth University. In 2016, I opened the doors to my own one-woman shop, Alicia Dietz Studios.

Specializing in solid wood and ultra high performance concrete, I now combines the two desperate materials, creating a harmony that is reflective of my process and collaborative style. Working in partnership with the materials, designers, and clients, pieces are uniquely designed and built to fit both space and lifestyle.

My studio practice includes private and public commissions for furniture, wood, and concrete. I live and work with my partner in Richmond, Virginia.


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