Kim Eubank Title: Untitled
Kim Eubank Title: Untitled
  • Kim Eubank Title: Untitled
  • Kim Eubank Title: Untitled

Kim Eubank Title: Untitled


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Kim Eubank


Mixed Media: Metal and Etched Copper

46" x 60"



Purchased directly from the artist.

"In 1996, Kim Eubank created a Metal Quilt for her senior studio project at VCU, which launched a successful career for her in the arts. For the past 20 years, she has created and sold enameled copper wall hangings and mirrors through juried art fairs, galleries and corporate art reps nationwide. While she is no longer selling through retail art fairs, select works are available through galleries. She is also available for private and public commission work." 



"Etched copper is traditionally inked and pressed to make a print on paper, however, Kim is using the copper to add texture and depth to her pieces. She hand draws the designs with a permanent marker then submerses the copper in a ferric chloride acid bath. Kim is also etching vintage ephemera via photo laminate onto the copper. She then patinas the etched copper, sands and seals. The warm copper tone gives a welcome contrast to the bright enameled copper colors. Enameled copper is powdered glass fused to copper in a 1300-1500 degree kiln. Kim uses only transparent enamels and loves to firescale the bare copper then re-fire glass over top of the scale. She also Raku fires the enamel on copper to get a mottled, rainbow effect. All pieces are mounted on sealed hand built wooden canvases, professionally framed and ready to hang." 

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