Lance Ehrecke Title: Iao Roots

Lance Ehrecke Title: Iao Roots


Lance Ehrecke

Iao Roots 



Panoramic Matted Print:

Print Size: 10" x 29"

Fits Frame: 11" x 30"


Iao Roots

Hiking through the depths of the West Maui Mountains is an exhilarating challenge to reach this expansive viewpoint.  The sheer cliff edges are often glimmering with waterfalls. Hawaiian vibes come in all shapes and sizes.  These mountains reach 5,788' and surround you with awe and wonder.


There's a unique tree on top of the lookout spot in the center of the frame... You're able to see every detail of it and much more. In fact, there are nearly 100 million pixels that make up this epic panorama.  In fact, you can pick out a helicopter in the distance in the top right



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