Mel Talley Title: Oceanum Salo II

Mel Talley Title: Oceanum Salo II

$500.00 - $900.00

Mel Talley 

Oceanum Salo II


Oceanum Salo II - A unique view from above the ocean surf coupled with the frozen moment of time of untamed and unrestrained water. The results are images that capture the beauty of this natural phenomenon that is impossible to view with the eye. This was shot with my camera in the sky….a drone.  This is an on-going project.


$500 - Print Only (Archival Giclee Fine Art Print, 100% α-cellulose/285 gsm). 20”x30” actual image size on 24”x36” sheet.

$900 – Custom framed in a unique fashion using TruVue Museum Glass (Provides UV Protection and is Low Reflectance) as presented at Crossroads Art Center.  20”x30” actual image size in 30”x37” frame.


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