Mel Talley Title: RFAH09

Mel Talley Title: RFAH09

$500.00 - $900.00

Mel Talley 



RFAH09 from “Requiem for a Hotel”.… illustrating life coalesced with the decaying remains of a long-abandoned turn of the 20th century hotel.  This once grand hotel was the muse for this project.  This work does not attempt to shout a message to the viewer but alternatively strives to be a catalyst for individuals to explore and create personal narratives from their imaginations, thus a symbiotic collaboration is formed between the work and the onlooker.  This image is one of series of photographs that allows a peek inside this once significant Petersburg Virginia edifice that has been closed for years and unseen by many.  Elements of the hotel coupled with the insertion of life using a traditional photographic process that is as old as photography itself (multiple exposures on a single frame) allows for an unfettered view of the interior of this structure and makes for an artistic creation that demands one to take pause, actively view and explore.


$500 - Print Only (Archival Giclee Fine Art Print, 100% α-cellulose/285GSM).
20”x30” actual image size on 24”x36” sheet.

$900 – Custom framed in a unique fashion using TruVue Museum Glass (Provides UV Protection and is Low Reflectance) as presented at Crossroads Art Center.  20”x30” actual image size in 30”x37” frame.



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