Pittrell, Dartanion Title: Away From the River & Into The Woods

Pittrell, Dartanion Title: Away From the River & Into The Woods


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Dartanion Pittrell

Away From the River & Into The Woods

Photography on Paper

14 x 11", framed to 20 x 16 x 1.5"



Crossing the James River is enchanting at night, but the path leading down to Manchester is even more so. Haunting, as you can’t see beyond the lights, the imagination takes you along for a wild ride with the rushing river behind you, more so if the trains are moving ahead of you, unseen.

Artist Statement

I am a budding photographer and editor in Richmond who has spent my entire life learning to appreciate all that life and nature have to give us. Although I prefer to shoot landscapes and the natural world around us, I am also very appreciative of various manmade works, be it architecture, art, or something as simple as a road. To this end, I love to travel the world and bring my views back home to central Virginia, where others may see what I have seen and appreciate the wide, grand world that we live in. My only wish is that everyone is able to see through my lens and fall in love with this planet that we live on as I have and learn to appreciate not only the essence of life, but the people that also make it all beautiful. 


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