Surface Tension #23

Surface Tension #23


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Cathy G. Vaughn

Surface Tension #23

Solvent Dye over viburnum-etched copper, lacquer finish

24 x 18 in



This set of five totems was cut from a single composition rendered on a copper panel etched with viburnum leaves and then ground to a neutral surface, with a flood color overlay using solvent dyes and finished with gloss lacquer. Deconstructing the composition into five panels allows the person hanging this piece to continue the creative conversation by how the piece is displayed—whether the panels are aligned with equal spacing, or offset intentionally; shown on one wall or articulated around a corner. The image was dependent on surface tension as color flows from one area to another; similarly, the arrangement is dependent on the tension between the color movement in the panels.

catalog # 191824-9723