Susan Cary


Susan Cary has been a practicing artist for many years. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in studio art and a Masters of Arts in education, Susan has spent many years teaching children and pursuing her passion as an artist.


Susan’s paintings are a combination of figurative, landscape, and still life. She uses mixed media of acrylic, acrylic mediums, charcoal, oil stick, and oil pastels. Most of the works are done on reclaimed wood and materials from a local contractor that would otherwise be going to the dump.


Susan layers the paints and drawing mediums on the prepared surface to achieve the perfect balance of texture, line, and color in her compositions. Each painting takes on a life of its own with paint being added and scraped off during the various stages of the process.


Susan shows her paintings and drawings in galleries, art centers, and small businesses in Richmond and surrounding areas. She also donates her paintings to nonprofits and businesses in the community that she holds near and dear to her heart.


Susan and her family live on a small farm in Goochland County, Virginia. During the week she keeps herself busy teaching and running a daycare for the preschool age child. The people and animals in her life, along with the beauty of the landscape that surrounds her, provide inspiration for her paintings.






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