Turner C. Johnson Jr., Appraisals

Posted by Kay Goldsby - October 28 2016

Appraisals and verbal pricing of American, European, and Asian FURNITURE, DECORATIVE ART, FINE ART, & COLLECTIBLES including:

  • Ceramics and Glassware
  • Silver and Metal Ware
  • Limited Editions
  • Paintings
  • Prints and Maps
  • Sculpture

Written appraisals for insurance, charitable gifts, and equitable distribution purposes.

Whether you have antiques, art, collectibles, or just “stuff”, it is important for you to know their current value. If you plan on selling, dividing, or keeping personal possessions, an appraisal can be an invaluable tool in deciding what to do with your items.


  • Wholesale Value – The price an antique dealer or gallery would pay you outright for an item.

  • Fair Market Value – What the item would sell for between a willing buyer and seller. What the item would generally bring at auction. Used for charitable gifts, estate and division purposes.

  • Retail Value – The marked price of an item for sale in an antique shop or gallery.

  • Insurance Value – High retail. What you might have to pay for an item without any discounts.


Written Appraisals and Verbal Pricing 

A written appraisal is necessary to have your most valuable possessions insured and may be needed prior to a move. However your homeowner's insurance will cover most possessions and a verbal pricing/walk-through by an experienced appraiser will give you a preliminary value of your items. This is an inexpensive alternative to a formal and sometimes costly appraisal. The appraiser can help to identify your most valuable items, give you a general idea of the value of lesser items, and give insight on the best methods to sell them.

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