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The Benefits of Art

Art can be a way of expressing a company’s identity. There are many forms through which organizations may choose to showcase their identity: through declared values and beliefs, training and development, or contrasting as to how a company is different to its competition. Prior research shows that art and the choice of interior design can also reflect the identity of the organization and its overall purpose (Foroudia, Balmer, Chen, Foroudi, & Patsala, 2020). More specifically, the atmosphere created can impact one’s organizational identity by making implicit indication on the norms and expectations within a servicescape. To that end, the physical expression is a means of communication and representation that can be used for storytelling towards employees, but also stakeholders at large. Last but not least, while the identity is important as it encapsulates what employees think and believe about their organization, it also translates into an image that external stakeholders hold about the organization, for instance customer beliefs (Bitner, 1992; Nguyen and Leblanc, 2002).

Culture and context

Finally, art is a way to connect with the larger environment. When well-executed, hospitality and art should work hand in hand, both offering an experience and a sense of escape. Art can be understood, transmitted and exchanged in any context. Each city has a wide variety of possibilities for showcasing its region through art made by local artists. In hospitality, local art brings a cultural touch of warmth, community and solidarity that allows customers to interact and connect with the local environment.

Bringing hospitality elements together

In the hotel industry specifically, many concept hotels have managed to bring together locals and tourists, creating a welcoming environment and a place for community gathering. Through the servicescape, architecture design, food and art there are many ways of creating a unique experience. Renting or buying local art is not only a way of connecting with the community, but also an innovative way of transmitting what a travel destination stands for to its tourists. Art brings the local and historical culture to life, and the traveler is then imbued, inspired and transported. Travelers are now looking for unique and authentic experience when discovering a new place. Showcasing local artwork can give the possibility to travelers to immerse themselves in local cultures right in the hotel premises.

Art is a fairly unvetted part of how hospitality is created. While it is an established constituent of the interior design discussion, there is little consideration as to how art creates hospitable environments and why it matters not only for hotels in particular, but service companies at large. Certainly, research has provided ample evidence that art has numerous positive effects – aside from creating a pleasant environment – yet little light has been cast on how it creates and enhances hospitality. This is an area that would merit further research, because in the end, creating a truly hospitable experience is truly an art in itself!


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