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You know that moment when the project is almost complete, and the client loves it except… there is just something missing…The space needs art.

They turn to you, the designer, the creative genius they hired to help them manifest that oh-so-perfect space that flawlessly suits their needs and honors their personal aesthetic. They want your trusted advice on what art will be just right to compliment that fireplace or stairwell. 

Previously, you probably offered up a list of galleries to help your clients find the right pieces on their own or you have gone yourself to the galleries to find art for the client and then had to take it to them to see if it meets their approval. Now you can access the largest source of Virginia artists and their work at Crossroads Art Center. You and your client may view and purchase both online and instore.  You can refer them to Crossroads Art Center (CAC) where the knowledgeable staff can help your client navigate the works of 225+ resident artists or we can take the client through CAC’s online selections to find the right piece of art.  You as the designer can also access the same resources and services as your client can at CAC. 


Our Services:

We have several programs in place so you as a designer will get paid for your services when specking art. Just ask us to have that conversation. 


Our Accolades:

Check out the art that CAC has on this website by going to Search for Art  or stop by 2016 Staples Mill Road in Richmond to see how we can accommodate and exceed all your art décor needs.  

CAC is your go-to resource for art!