Artist in Residence

Become a Resident Artist

Vacancies are rare at Crossroads Art Center but every once in a while we will have one.

We run a different business model for CAC then normal galleries. We rent space to the artists and do a commission of 15% on sales. Space rentals run from $55 - $1200 a month depending on the size of the space. The artists DO NOT have to help staff the center man the center.  Please check with staff for space availability.

Artists working in the fine arts and crafts are eligible to become resident artists at Crossroads. Acceptable craft forms include ceramics, textiles, jewelry, various types of sculpture, glasswork, and more.

Artists must submit five pieces of work, a résumé, and a complete artist-in-residence application to the jury committee for review. If accepted, the applicant is classified as an artist-in-residence and is able to rent a gallery/studio space, wall space, or glass space to exhibit their work. The application fee is a non-refundable $25. Artists who are not selected are encouraged to apply again in six months.

Artist-in-residence Application (pdf)

Click Here to Pay the $25 Jury Fee for Artist-in-Residence

Please note that being a Gallery Member is separate from exhibiting as an Artist-In Residence at Crossroads Art Center.