Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

Crossroads Art Center is pleased to announce the "Online Only" opening for the Gallery Members Only Show "Life on the Rivah" 2023 Exhibition!

This exhibition's theme highlights the beauty of life on the river. Whether that be the James River, which many locals endearingly refer to as "the rivah", or another river - what does life on the river mean to you? This is an online only exhibition, and will run from February 1 - March 31, 2023.


Celebrating Black History Month Through Art!

Crossroads Art Center is excited to announce an Exhibition for African American Artists sponsored by Baxter and Elaine Perkinson.

Award Winners
First Place: Asia Anderson “Serenity in the Field” Watercolor $950
Second Place: Elizabeth Brown “Pride” Acrylic $1200
Third Place: Babs Mohammed “African Woman Pounding Yam to make Fufu” $1500
Honorable Mention: Ethan King “Who What Where” Oil $999.99
Honorable Mention: Steven Walker “James River I” Oil on Paper 9.5x14 $595 and Steven Walker “James River II” Oil on Paper 9.5x14 $595


For Black History Month, Crossroads Art Center opens a special exhibit from local Black artists, featuring Mending Walls, the collaborative mural project created by Hamilton Glass that promotes empathy and connection through art. An Artist Reception will be offered January 20, 5-8 PM, and the exhibit runs through March 5, 2023.

Excerpts from Mending Walls: The Documentary (2021) will play in the gallery as a part of the exhibit, offering a glimpse of the film, produced by 19RED and presented by VPM, with real-time footage and testimonial from the artists who painted the 2020 murals throughout Richmond. Learn more about the documentary and where to watch at

The groundbreaking public art project Mending Walls RVA aims to establish empathy and connection through art. Hamilton Glass created the project in Spring 2020, in response to the community unrest following the death of George Floyd. Inspired by an eye-opening conversation Glass had with friend and frequent artistic collaborator Matt Lively, Mending Walls paired together 30 artists from different backgrounds, ethnicities and perspectives to have conversations about their lived experiences and to create 16 murals across Richmond, Virginia with hope their art would ultimately spark deeper conversations within our community and promote healing.

Mending Walls: The Documentary uses real-time footage and testimonial to depict this healing journey through art. Produced by local film studio 19RED and presented by VPM, the documentary shows how the artists got to know each other through uncomfortable conversations about race, status and their personal experiences, how they created their mural concepts to reflect those conversations and how working together ultimately opened their eyes and their hearts to the differences, as well as commonalities among all of us. It also shows how our community responded to their efforts by engaging with the spaces the murals provided, volunteering to be a part of this community-wide effort and inspiring others to put aside their discomfort and fear to talk to each other about often difficult topics.

Mending Walls continues today, and its story has inspired a podcast, walking and bicycle tours, numerous screenings, and K-12 curriculum aimed at teaching empathy through conversation and collaboration.

Learn more about the Mending Walls project, as well as where to watch the documentary by scanning the QR code below or visiting


January 2023 All Media Show Winners


  1. Lynne Watkins Autumnal 42" x 32"Acrylic on Linen Canvas $2,800
  2. Mae Stoll Westmoreland State Park 18" x 24" framed to 22" x 28" Acrylic on Canvas $1,200
  3. Jean Grunewald Cat Crossing 20" x 16", framed to 22.5" x 18.5" x 1" Oil on Board $1,200

Honorable Mention:

  1. Blair Martin Identical Twins Refuse Surgery for Siamese Canaries 48" x 60" x 1.5" Acrylic on Canvas $1,100


2D – Photography and Mixed

  1. Babs Mohammed African Woman Carrying Pot and Baby on Her Back 27" x 17.5", framed to 33" x 23" x .75" Mixed Media, Textile on Wood $1,200
  2. Ronald Leone Just Steps from Home (Positano, Italy) 18" x 14" x .75", framed to 19" x 15" x 1" Applique Quilt with Painted Accents $395
  3. Brie Hayden Gordon's Dry Gin Pre-Prohibition Bottle 20" x 15", framed to 23.5" x 18.5" x 1" Pencil on Paper $1,000

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Tom Hennessy Reflections in the Fog 18" x 12", framed to 24" x 18" x 1" Photography $200


  1. Frank Shepard Dragon Lady 36" x 6" x 4 Wood Sculpture on Stone $1,100
  2. Sven Arenander Midnight Choir Wood Ceramic $795
  3. Jerry Harvey And the Table Goes Round and Round 26" x 18" 60 Year Old Ash Slab with Stained White Oak Base $565
Featured Exhibition Dates: Friday, January 20, 2023 – Monday, March 5, 2023 Featured Exhibition Hours: Mondays – Saturdays, 10:00am – 5:00pm. Sundays, Noon – 4:00 p.m.