Nancy Bruce

Posted by Jenni Kirby - December 17 2018

Nancy Bruce, a native of Richmond, Virginia, lives in the Tidewater area and works from her studio in Yorktown, Virginia.

Nancy works with various reclaimed papers to create works of art with the appearance of paintings. From afar her pieces have a flat, muted look, but on close inspection they a rich textural surface is revealed. She considers herself to be painter of landscapes and cityscapes.

The images — at once both familiar and unpredictable — do not represent specific places, but are her response to them. She works in large and small formats, with large pieces mounted on canvas and small ones on panel. These mixed-media pieces are made from reclaimed papers and acrylic paint. Many incorporate small discarded objects she has saved over time. She is a conservationist and finds pleasure in making art from saved materials. ~