Artist Interview: Kazuko Fuller

Posted by Jenni Kirby - May 04 2021


“You have to take what’s in your mind and make something with it.”


Kazuko Fuller recalls being immersed in the arts at a young age, encouraged by her creative mother. “I have always liked to make stuff, and my mother used to make art with me. She encouraged my creativity.” Now known for her whimsical, free-form jewelry, Kazuko says it wasn’t until 2005 that she began seriously designing.


A true creative mind, Kazuko has dabbled in painting, knitting, sculpture, and woodworking – jewelry, however, came naturally. “I am a mixed media artist, even with my jewelry I use mixed media. The ideas come naturally to me. If I cannot make something in that moment when an idea comes to me, then it’s not worth it.”


Not one to limit her artistic style, Kazuko likes trying new jewelry designs though almost always uses aluminum wire. “Not too many artists are making jewelry with aluminum. I like to use it because it’s not like silver – it’s cheaper and the color stays, so you never have to polish or clean.” While many of Kazuko’s designs incorporate free-form shapes, it is her use of texture which adds depth and intrigue. “My texture technique takes time because of the heavier gauge wire I use for necklaces. It takes more work because it’s thicker and harder to work with.” Trying new designs and techniques is key to Kazuko’s success, something which seems natural in her work.


While diversity in design is a hallmark of Kazuko’s work, the main constant is instinctive and boundless creation. Not one to start with a sketch or prototype, she believes “art should come naturally, creation should be spontaneous.”