Artist Interview: Keith Gills

Posted by Carson Smith - May 12 2020


Keith Gills loves beautiful things. He demonstrates this love by making beautiful expressionistic and abstract paintings, filling his house with lovely antiques and through all of his businesses. “I’m a creator,” he says. “My soul was made to make what my eye sees as beautiful. It’s in my DNA. It’s not optional.”

Spirit Animal, Oil, 50x38, $3200


 All of the businesses he runs are about creating   things - sometimes from scratch like his artwork and   sometimes working with existing materials like   restoring furniture. He is a contractor, antiques   dealer, painter and restorer. When asked why he   makes art, he talks about connection. “It isn’t just   about the creating its about other people connecting   with my vision,” he explains. “When I finish a piece   of art and somebody comes at it with a significant   amount of money it means that they have a solid   connection to my vision.” Its not about the money for Gills, though. “The money allows met to continue to share my vision,” he says. 

Constantly on the move, people often think he is a bit hyper but Gills will argue that he is not. He claims that beauty has something to do with his level of Zen. He says, “I am certain the reason I surround myself with beautiful things is because they bring me peace.”