Artist Interview: Rachel Yumi Chung

Posted by Jenni Kirby - September 10 2020

Celebrating the Joy and Abundance of Life with Rachel Chung
Heart, soul, and vibrant color is what Rachel Chung is all about. A native of Manassas, Chung, who graduated from Christopher Newport in 2018, is sitting out the pandemic with her sister and parents at their Northern Virginia home. “I am loving being at home and being with my family,” she says. “This time at home is giving me a chance to discover who I am as an artist.”
Time spent at the 18 Inch Journey School ( was also a period of discovery for Chung. ”I spent the past two years in a special program to help get my life and my art on track,” she says. “The whole idea is that there is 18 inches between your head and your heart and when those things are working together then you are operating as a whole person.”
Her latest evolution as an artist is a series of portraits which are inspired by photos of herself and her schoolmates.  “I am Korean-American and there was a diverse group of women of color [at the school]. We shared our cultures and celebrated the beauty of our diversity. My paintings of the women are influenced by how I value my friendships so much more now that I am at home.”
Chung’s love of being an artist shines through in her bold, colorful style. She is obviously thrilled about finding her voice as an artist. “I am excited for where that is headed, she says. “I want people to feel joy when they look at my artwork; to have a sense of lightness that alleviates pressure from whatever bad news they are experiencing right now.”
We at CAC certainly feel uplifted by her work!