Artist Interview: Susan Dull

Posted by Carson Smith - April 06 2021


Art is so interconnected in my life; I don’t know how to separate the two.”


You might say getting a glimpse of Susan Dull’s paintings is a window into her personality. “When you see my work then you know me. I want people to sit and look at my paintings and really take them in.”


Though Susan studied Art History and Photography in college, her artistic journey truly began when raising her children. “When my children were between ages two and four, I was looking for something I could do with them, so we took drawing classes together.” This led Susan to the VMFA Studio School and eventually to Curney Nuffer who, even 20 years later, is a great inspiration and teacher. More recently, Susan has taken workshops with Dawn Whitelaw in Tennessee, whom she also credits for her continued progression.


Susan attributes her artistic style as being greatly influenced by her favorite group of painters, called the Soviet Realists – or as we might call them, Russian Impressionists. “Lazare Gallery houses a lot from this era of painting and studying them helped me learn how to paint en plein air.” Susan was fortunate to study under well-known artists of this style, taking trips to Corsica, Republic of Georgia, and Russia to paint en plein air.



More recently, Susan is planning for a series of landscapes in the mountains of Bath County. “I love landscapes, especially with water, my family home was close to the Potomac, so I am naturally drawn to this subject.” Susan will be studying with fellow artists at Nimrod Hall, which she laughs saying “it’s basically a summer camp for artists.”


Not one to rest on her laurels, Susan says at the beginning of every year she will review her artworks and compare to the previous year. “If I feel like I’m getting stronger, then I will continue to paint.” And like her artist comrades, Susan says, “I want to stand out with beautiful mid-tones in a world full of pop.”