Artist Interview: Tim Wilson

Posted by Jenni Kirby - February 17 2021


“You make Richmond look good,” is a common comment photographer, Tim Wilson hears of his cityscape photos of RVA. Self-trained, Wilson caught the photography bug when he bought a digital camera in 2002 to take pictures of his new baby daughter. “Digital was new in those days and I found out about the lag time in the technology when I started taking pictures of the baby,” he says. “Baby’s don’t hold still for that long.”  


He also became interested in mastering the art of photography. “You can only take so many photos of your kid and I wanted to do more than just take a photo. I wanted to make them,” Wilson says. He started reading books by good photographers and soon upgraded his camera. “Some people are born with an eye for photography and just run with it and some people have to develop it. I had to develop it,” he explains.  


Soon Wilson was shooting weddings and portraits. A native of Richmond who currently works in IT at J. Sargent Reynolds Community College’s satellite location in downtown Richmond, Wilson has easy access to some of the most interesting architecture in the area. He says,“When the weather is right I get outside and take pictures.”