Artist Interview: Uptown Gallery

Posted by Jenni Kirby - February 17 2021


Uptown Gallery was formed in 1989 as a co-op when a group of artists wanted a place to show their artwork. Showcasing around 25 artists, the gallery also has a space at Crossroads Art Center featuring a rotation of unique artworks.

The founding concept behind Uptown was to create a space for artists to exhibit and collaborate” says Artist-in-Residence Kathy Miller. The downtown space is unique, with its high ceilings, and etched glass windows.

With around 10 contributing artists at Crossroads, artworks range in both style and media. “Betty Drozeski is the head of the gallery and known for her watercolor florals and landscapes” says Kathy. Among other exhibiting artists include Solange Brown, an original member of Uptown, who specializes in abstract work and is a member of Uptown’s “Experimental Artists” group. “Stanley is our photographer – we usually only have one or two photographers at Uptown.” Sally Kennedy, Patrice Reese, Ellen Wakefield also have contributing artworks.

Julie Northcott has also been a long-time member of Uptown and creates unique artworks such as her piece Moonbeams. "I specialize in abstract mixed-media collage, combining texture, shape, and color to communicate the spirit of nature to the viewer. In this piece I used my handmade paper with string, and metallic threads to weave a delicate image."

We have a core group that exhibits, and 6 two-month long show periods annually” says Kathy, who is currently prepping for an upcoming show called Mr. Potterfield’s Bridge. “We have a different featured artist each show period, and guest artists as well that can show. This show will be based on river scenes from the point of view in the middle of the river near Potterfield’s bridge.”

Crossroads is pleased to partner with Uptown Gallery and it’s artists.