Artists Interview: Cackie McCarty

Posted by Jenni Kirby - June 09 2020

Take a break with Cackie Trippe McCarty

People tend to respond to the transformational energy of Cackie McCarty’s photographs, each landing the viewer in environs like Venice and Paris. She captures the quiet details, the things you would not notice if you passed by every day but celebrate as a first time visitor.  A doorway. A staircase. An architectural detail. Her images are born from keen observation and a desire to communicate without words.
Roman Balcony, Photography, 11x14 in 16x20 mat, $50

“Travel is always something I wanted to do my whole life,” she says. And travel she did; at the first chance she got. As a freshman in college McCarty signed up for a cathedral art and architecture tour of Britain where she studied cathedrals all over England and parts of Scotland. “You get every season of the year in one day in Scotland,” she explains. “It is a magical place.” 

Two years later she spent much of her junior year in Richmond on the Thames where she lived in a converted monastery, dabbled in subjects like landscape and interior design and learned how to make stained glass. “It was an exciting time to be in London,” says Cackie.  “ The music, fashion, and art scenes were exploding with creativity and color back in the early 70s.”

Travel-Silent Conversation, Photography, 11x14 in 16x20 mat, $50


The next year she spent a winter mini-session there pursuing an independent photography project photographing the street people of London. “This project was perfect for an introvert like myself,” she says. “Those are still some of my favorite pictures.”

Perhaps it is the observation of detail that characterizes the introvert that captures the imagination in her photos or maybe it is just the sheer beauty of composition. Whatever it is, McCarty’s photographs are a magic carpet ride to a quiet moment somewhere else in the world.