Cliff Notes - Call For Entry

Posted by Jenni Kirby - September 04 2020


What type of art is accepted?

Any medium is accepted. No reproductions or giclée prints will be considered.

How many pieces can be submitted?

Up to three works of art can be submitted. Only Gallery Members receive a fourth entry for free and can submit four.

How will the digital images be used?

Digital images of accepted artwork will be used for the online exhibition on Crossroads Art Center’s website for artwork to be directly purchased online and for promotional materials for the exhibition.

Does artwork need to be framed?

If artwork is on a gallery wrapped canvas, you do not need to have it framed. Framed artwork should be properly wired to hang, saw tooth hangers are not accepted.

How To Submit

Fill out PDF Application Form (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD FILLABLE PDF FORM – link included)

Prepare digital images for submission

All artwork for the All-Media Show will be juried by submitted hi-resolution digital images. Before submitting, make sure images meet the below specifications:

  •  Images are in JPEG or PNG format.
  • Images are saved at maximum quality level with a resolution of 300 dpi with the longest dimension being no more than 6 inches.
  • Images are clear, in focus, and correctly cropped.
  • Images are NOT watermarked.
  • Images should be properly labeled.
  • Correct number of images submitted per piece.

 Labeling Your Images

To Label Images: From a desktop computer double click the name of the image you want to edit, rename the file and press enter to save changes. Click Here for Help Labeling/Titling your images on your phone

 For unframed artwork (i.e. canvas and photography printed on metal, etc.), submit two images per piece. Images should be labeled accordingly:

Artist Name_Title_Size_Medium_Price_CROP

Artist Name_Title_Size_Medium_Price_DETAIL

 For framed artwork, submit three images per piece. One showcasing the framing display of the art. Images should be labeled accordingly:

Artist Name_Title_Size_Medium_Price_CROP

Artist Name_Title_Size_Mediun_Price_FRAME

Artist Name_Title_Size_Medium_Price_DETAIL

For 3-dimensional artwork, submit up to three images per piece. Images should be labeled accordingly:

Artist Name_Title_Size_Medium_Price_FRONT

Artist Name_Title_Size_Mediun_Price_REAR

Artist Name_Title_Size_Medium_Price_DETAIL

 **example of images here **

 EXAMPLE: Savannah Ball_Rainbow Tango_18x18_Acrylic_$295_CROP

EXAMPLE: Savannah Ball_Rainbow Tango_18x18_Acrylic_$295_DETAIL

 Note: Scroll to the bottom of this page for a list of recommended photographers for art and sculpture.

Email completed PDF Application and digital images as attachments to the following address:


 Recommended Photographers

David Everette                                              
(804) 874-9912                                                                                           
Tom Hennessy                                             
(804) 363-0907                     


Molly Hiner   
(804) 334-8438          
Mike Keeling 
(804) 334-0204


Lynn Limon    
(804) 356-3960                                               


Martin McFadden
(804) 301-6971