Doug Zeigler

Posted by Jenni Kirby - December 19 2018

Douglas Orr Zeigler was born in Dixon, Illinois and attended The University of Chicago and The Art Institute of Chicago (BFA). He studied drawing, painting and design with several European émigré faculty who emphasized the traditional disciplines. In this rich environment, he developed an approach to an individual vision which is grounded in representation, but also taps expressive, spontaneous impulses—and yields to immediate responses of color, line, form and texture. Zeigler works from his studio in Manakin Sabot, Virginia.

The artist accepts commissions for a wide variety of artwork: portraits, landscapes and coastal subjects, marine scenes including boat portraits—virtually anything is possible. Through a step-by-step process employing preliminary sketches and color studies, a successful result is assured.

Zeigler states that the visual artist has a responsibility to be faithful to his will to create.  In my work, I attempt to go to those places where my vision takes form by means of paint on canvas, or pigmented water on paper.      Nature is my starting point, but the sub-conscious guides my response to what I “know” or “see” before me. If others share for a moment what I experience through these challenges then my work is successful."