Keith Gills

Posted by Carson Smith - July 08 2019

For me, Keith Gills, art is a frozen moment. The pinnacle of an experience. The climax of a crashing wave. The expression of a surprise. In reality these moments last but a second. These moments captured in a painting-exaggerated, embellished, or simply accentuated in oil allow the viewer to disappear for more than a moment. A calming breeze, blowing hair and fabric, the feel of a rainy day. Any feeling we care to experience can be experienced at will with art, and for however long the imagination cares to dance! All my art all tells a story. Many in relation to my own life experience through struggles and growth that all human beings can relate to at one time or another in their lives.  I will be including the inspirations with all the art and will also provide the inspirations to anyone interested if you contact me via my website ””!