Laura Partee

Posted by Carson Smith - August 12 2019

Richmond, Virginia artist, Laura Partee has spent a lifetime creating art and supporting the art of others. Right out of college Laura began painting furniture, creating one of a kind pieces for collectors.  The itch to paint on canvas soon followed.   In both oil and acrylic, Laura’s landscapes and abstracts sell in shops and galleries in Richmond, Alabama and Florida.  “Travel is the best way for me to get inspired! If I am not on the road, I find long walks in beautiful Richmond can help me create my vision”.

Laura teaches art to young children where she encourages the same love of color and expression that she enjoys.  She also runs gallery shows for other artists in Richmond.  “I love being around art, whether it’s mine or someone else’s - I find it energizing!”


Laura's work can be seen at her website

She can also be contacted at