Artist Interview: Robert Winne

Posted by Jenni Kirby - August 06 2020

Get to know Robert Winne
Robert Winne’s current batch of paintings very much reflect the artist’s lifestyle; simple, textured, reminiscent of the sea. In his art there is the simplicity of a limited color palette. The mix of media that he uses (concrete, cement mixed with paste and glue marble dust and cold wax) allows him to create crazy textures. The use of creamy whites against blues and sea foam greens manifest abstract seascapes and sandy shores. In his life he boasts the simplicity of cul-de-sac living, a steady job, a long term marriage to his high school sweetheart  and a passion for fishing.
A lifelong artist raised in Hopewell VA., , Winne has worked for the Federal Government  for 36 years  overseeing large defense contracts. “I have a real job that supports this art habit,” he says. He graduated with an art degree from Atlantic Christian College in Wilson, North Carolina, where he met his tight knit group of fishing buddies and started a love affair with Carolina coastal areas. “A lot of my inspiration for my paintings come from the beach towns down there,” says Winne. 
His passion for art is matched by his passion for fishing and like all avid fishermen, Winne has a few stories to tell. One of his best adventures happened only a few weeks ago as he and his band of fraternity buds of 40 years were deep sea fishing about 38 miles off the shore of North Carolina when an unexpected guest crashed the party. Winne had hooked a citation size (really big) king mackerel and was reeling it in when a 13-foot shark started chasing after the catch.  “Typically, the shark will just chomp the end off of a hooked fish,” he explains. “So, I am reeling like crazy, trying to keep the mackerel away from the shark. Then suddenly the shark lurched forward and swallowed the king mackerel - whole!  And I’m left standing there with a light pole and limp line.”  Game over. Shark 1, Winne, 0.
At Crossroads Art Center Winne shares a gallery space with Kathy Pantele whom he met and befriended about 18 months ago. Winne says, “We have similar styles, but they are very different too.” Even though he shares a space with Pantele he prefers the solitude of working alone. 
“When I get in my studio it’s just me, a little Led Zeppelin and the paint,” he says.