Shaylen Broughton

Posted by Carson Smith - November 09 2018

An expression of feminine energy, inspired by the repeating patterns in nature and the ebb and flow of life. My work explores the connection between the physical and metaphysical realms; delving deep into black bottom oceans; ascending curiously towards infinite stars; and ultimately discovering the divinity within ourselves—feet firm on the earth.

My art is simply the all-encompassing Mother Earth, nudging me to share her entangled memories.

Each of my paintings is created with fluid acrylic paint, as well as a small amount of water gathered from a local water source, in addition to air ( an air gun or my breath ) and fire ( a torch ) to move the paint around the surface and add texture. This body of work was created with water gathered from the Atlantic Ocean in VA Beach and North Carolina.


Shaylen is open to taking custom orders. For more information please follow the link below: