Fralin Art & Frame

Posted by Jenni Kirby - March 05 2019

Fralin Art & Frame is a full-service picture-framing workshop. Our commitment is to representing high-quality conservation and archival-grade framing, and related services. It is our policy to do the research before we begin the framing process. This results in our making the best possible decisions regarding both design (structural and overall) and mounting methods, and using the strictest protocol in our procedures.

Archival and conservation framing is our main objective. We maintain a large repertoire of procedures, mounting and handling techniques, and materials. Our repertoire is based largely on the recommendations of members of the conservation community; mostly professional associates of the American Institute for Conservation.

Our repertoire is continuously updated through open dialogue and consultation with conservators nationwide. Any new project may require researching our methods before work begins.

We guarantee the structural integrity of everything we build. From our mounts and supports, to the frame and strainer, they are designed to stay together, lay flat and carry the designated weight without warping or sagging.~

We are open at our new location!
3412 Semmes Ave at Forest Hill
Richmond, VA 23225
Hours: T-F 10-6
Sa 10-4
(Just up the street from Crossroads Coffee and next door to the new WPA bakery)