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Posted by Jenni Kirby - November 23 2015

Nearly 22 years ago I started a small business, Cakes by Graham- Richmond’s only custom cakery. I determined there was a need for something I was passionate about, cakes that both looked and tasted good. Since then I have worked tirelessly and enjoyed crafting cakes to help the community celebrate life’s special occasions. Countless cakes, candles and calories later I have enjoyed being recognized by my peers, friends and neighbors for helping to bring joy, happiness and fond memories to families, groups and businesses all over central Virginia. I have worked long hours, nearly every weekend since 1994 and enjoyed going to work every single day.

 A few years ago I noticed something with my right hand and arm that was affecting me while I piped frosting out of the little “squirty” bags into beautiful embellishments on my cakes. At first I ignored it, but it slowly got worse and I sought medical advice. There appears to be a conflicting signal in my brain that causes my hand to tremor only while doing certain tasks, hence its name, “task specific tremor”. Thus far, treatments has not benefited the condition. I have tried to overcome the issue with stubborn determination, but do not want it to get to the point where it negatively affect my business. I have taken a very long time to make, and come to terms with, the painful decision to change this chapter of my life. As of December 4, 2015, Cakes by Graham will no longer be able to provide custom decorated cakes for special occasions. However, I will continue to create wedding cakes through June 30, 2016.

I will be taking a few weeks to consider my business options for after June 30, 2016. It is with a sad heart that I know I have made cakes for your birthdays, weddings and anniversaries and will not be able to make them anymore.

Thank you for a wonderfully, rewarding 22 years. Graham

Graham Haddock  

Owner, Cakes by Graham 


Mission Statement

Cakes by Graham’s mission is to provide our clients with high quality, uniquely designed cakes for life’s celebrations.

Our team of artisans is committed to providing a friendly and easy to use way of ordering the most extensive, innovative high end cake artistry ranging from traditional to modern custom creations in the Richmond area. These creative cakes will be fairly prices that exceed the client’s needs, giving them exceptional customer experience and value.

The business will provide employees a professional environment that fosters creativity, encourages employee engagement and sustains high ethical practices in a business where employees are appreciated.

The business will support the local community with a concentration on child cancer.

About Graham Haddock

In 1991, Graham completed a 15 year career in the British Army Catering Corps. After serving in England, Northern Ireland, Norway, Germany and the United States, his final assignment was as Senior Technical Instructor on the culinary exchange program at Fort Lee, Virginia. He continued his culinary interests in the civilian market at two bakeries in Richmond until January 1994, when he formed his own business, Richmond’s only Custom Cakery, Cakes by Graham.

Graham has been a member of the International Cake Decorating and Exploration Societe (I.C.E.S.) and Virginia I.C.E.S. since 1991; and has demonstrated at the I.C.E.S. convention and at local events. He judges at local events and at the Fort Lee Annual culinary competitions.

Graham is the proud father of 3 lovely daughters and his interests include beach music (“shag”) dancing, salt water tropical fish, log homes and antique cars. His primary passion is getting to know his clients and designing extraordinary cakes. It all starts with scheduling a personal visit.

718 N Cleveland Street, Richmond, VA. 23221