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Posted by Jenni Kirby - February 15 2017

Chasen Galleries has established an international reputation for showcasing the world's most collectible contemporary artists. We represent established, highly sought-after artists, as well as newly emerging artists. Visit our gallery to view a variety of styles ranging from landscape to abstract to conceptual. Our custom framing service allows you to display your selection beautifully, with attention to the slightest detail.

National Geographic videographer Nancy Sanders recorded a 3-minute interview with Trisha Adams.  See Her work at Chasen Galleries

All art lovers— from the casual collector to the avid connoisseur—are welcome to visit, engage, and attend special events with artists. Our constantly changing exhibitions and our variety of art forms offer something to enchant everyone.

Our welcoming and knowledgeable staff will be pleased to assist you in your selection, and offer the expertise developed over many years of professional experience in the arts. If you need guidance through the art selection process, from the initial consultation to your final purchase, visit or call us at (804) 204-1048.

Chasen Galleries' diverse collection includes the works of such dynamic artists as: Gerhard Arnold, Trisha Adams, Angus, Gloria Coker, Robert L. Davis, Michel Guyon, Ibe, Luis F. Hebrero, Hessam, John Horejs, Joseph Kote, Frank McVeigh, Pino, Joanne Miller Rafferty, Tomasz Rut, Samir Sammoun, Eve Plumb, Yoshioka, Yankel Ginsburg,Jim Rodgers, Christine Lashley, Eric Unser, David Mensing, Sherwin Ghaphery, Michael Steirnagle, Cathy CArey, Cynthia Rosen, and Jian Wu. We also have works by Picasso, Dali, Morisot, Peter Max, John Lennon and Chagall.

Our fine art glass artists include such celebrated names as: Dino Rosin, Victor Chiarizia, Neal Drobnis, Barry Entner, Markow and Norris, Michael Mikula, Caleb Nichols, Brian Russell, Ron Starr, Donald Carlson Jack Storms, Tom Marosz, Neil Duman, Rosetree, MadArt and David Wight

In fine sculpture, we represent such artists as: Rick Biehl, Kramer Sculpture, Alex Kveton, Susan and Kelly Nolan, Gary Lee Price, Gail Taylor, Carl Wright, Bernard Saint-Maxent, Ancizar Marin, Patera-Kori, Jack Box and more.

Fine art gallery representing artists, glass artisans and sculptors from around the world. Since 1983, Chasen Galleries has offered an interesting, diverse array of styles and techniques. We have the art you fall in love with! ~

 New Space!  New Address!

Gallery hours Mon – Sat, 10a – 6p.

Chasen Galleries
(804) 204 1048
3101 Ellwood Avenue, Richmond VA (Carytown)