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Posted by Jenni Kirby - May 14 2015


Community Programs

From art projects that encourage young people to explore the meaning of mental health to classes on writing and interpreting poetry, there are many great classes to look forward to. 

Self-Advocacy Through Art

In our program focused on juvenile justice reform, incarcerated youth are coming to Atlas and coming together with artists, lawyers, virtual reality producers, poets, and many others to reimagine the criminal justice system. It's been a powerful experience for the third consecutive summer. Stay tuned this fall to see all the amazing things these teens are creating! 

Atlas Teen Programs

Learn about our current teen program offerings. Each of our programs fosters a relationship between an artist (or artists) and a small group of young people. Projects are custom-designed based on the artist, his or her interests, the group's interests, and the site. You can sign up for as many programs as you'd like, but we are looking for teens who can make a commitment to all eight weeks. 

Self Care: A Step Show
Express yourself through movement and step dance!
Poetry and Painting
Create your own poetry and visual art!
Explore your love of drawing!
Email permission slip to Program Manager Mike Zetlan at mikez@art180.orgClick here for the permission slip



ART 180 gives young people in challenging circumstances the chance to express themselves through art, and to share their stories with others. Since 1998, the nonprofit organization has worked with youth in the Richmond area to create art that explains and illustrates their feelings, thoughts, and experiences. Partnering with other organizations that serve young people, ART 180 designs projects that allow for self-expression, and creates venues for this expression in the community. The name reflects their vision of turning lives and communities around 180 degrees. ART 180 also operates Atlas, an art center for teens and gallery space for young people in Jackson Ward.

Atlas is located at 114 W. Marshall St. in Jackson Ward and is open Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and by appointment.

114 W Marshall Street Richmond, VA 23220
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