Art On Wheels

Posted by Jenni Kirby - July 15 2015

About Art on Wheels

Sometimes, great things come from modest beginnings. In this case, our co-founders Kevin and Andrea had an idea, a dining room, and a bookshelf crammed with art supplies.

The idea was this: that making art- creating something from nothing, something that is uniquely yours, is powerful, and healing, and not enough people get the chance to do that. That the experience of expressing yourself, of learning new things and being empowered by abilities you might have never even known you had is important. That the many therapeutic benefits of the arts aren’t often available to the people who need them the most. So we set out to change that.

We identified four focus areas: Aging in the Arts, Arts and Disability, Healing in the Arts and Arts in the Community, and developed a visual arts curriculum that offers interesting techniques and projects that are challenging, and adaptive for our specialized populations. We brought in music therapists and performance artists to add to the visual art offerings. We reached out to facilities and communities we felt could benefit from arts programming, and soon, agencies were reaching out to us. We wanted to meet people where they were, so all of our classes and workshops come to you.

We quickly outgrew that dining room, and each year continue to grow. Because the idea that life can be better, happier, and healthier with art is true. We uncovered a fundamental need in our community, and we continue to strive to meet it.

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