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Posted by Jenni Kirby - October 14 2016


 Festival of Arts Dogwood Dell

Since 1956, it has been home to the Festival of Arts; a summer long celebration of the arts featuring art exhibits, concerts, dance and theatre. In addition to these events, the Festival of Arts also incorporates a children's series with performances at our Ha' Penny stage.

For more information, call (804)646-1437 or call the Dell hotline at (804)646-DELL.

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Festival of Arts

With its eclectic mix of old and new, the Festival of Arts has become one of Richmond's cultural treasures. Through our programming, the Festival of Arts strives to bring the Richmond community some of the most innovative and avant-garde performers, while also respecting the value and importance of traditional and classical works.

Throughout June, July, and August, a variety of shows can be enjoyed at the "Dell" including classical music and dance; drama, comedy, and musical theatre; reggae, pop, swing, rhythm and blues, rock, jazz and contemporary music concerts. The Festival of Arts is flavored for every taste. Come early for a seat in the amphitheatre or bring a blanket to sit in the surrounding park.

Although the dance concerts and programs presented at Dogwood Dell are normally purchased packaged shows for which we provide technical assistance, our three theatre productions are produced fully in-house. While many of our theatre productions are Richmond premieres, we also stage contemporary favorites. These productions continually prove to be some of Richmond's favorites and have even won awards.

Dance Program

The City Dance Program offers complete training in a wide variety of dance disciplines and related movement for children aged three years and up, beginners through advanced levels. All of our instructors are fully qualified professionals, possessing many years of teaching and performing experience. All teachers are dedicated to creating a truly caring environment for the younger child and a more challenging curriculum for older students. We also offer a variety of dance, physical activity and martial arts for adults and seniors.

The mission of the City Dance Program is to provide a complete dance training of the highest quality, while remaining accessible and affordable. The program is designed to help youth prepare for their life goals through self-discipline, enhancement of learning skills and physical well-being. In addition, our adult classes have a lasting impact on overall mental health and physical agility.

The City Dance Program offers complete training in a wide variety of dance disciplines and related movement for both children and adults. All of our instructors are fully qualified professionals, possessing many years of teaching and performing experience.

Our children’s classes run all year, so that the young dancers can take time to achieve mastery over their chosen dance form. Our classes are age appropriate and based on the developmental needs of each student. Our more advanced classes are graded on experience and natural abilities. Students can choose from the regular class schedule or the intensive program, which is designed for the more serious dancer.

Our most important objective is to instill life-skills through the art of dance. For the many children who learn kinetically, their schoolwork sometimes improves dramatically; and all students benefit from their gains in confidence and coordination. Our adult classes run 10 weeks per semester; but students may join at any time.

For more information, contact the city Dance Office at (804)646-3673

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City Dance Theatre:

Art Program

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Explore your creative and artistic side with our wide variety of art and craft classes. Our students say it's great for stress relief! Adults with special needs are welcome. We have scholarships for new youth students! High School youth are encouraged to enroll in adult classes; scholarships are available.

The Studio Arts Series is designed for all ages. There is something for everyone. Whether you're interested in creating, observing or learning about the arts, there are programs available to meet your needs. We invite you to take a look at the programs we offer and participate in as many as possible. There are always new and fascinating programs to discover.

For more information, contact the City Art Program Office at (804)646-3674.

Pine Camp arts and community center located in Northside is a diverse, culturally rich, and intriguing facility serving the Richmond community. The Art Program is designed for all ages with an interest for creating, observing or learning about the arts; there are programs available to meet your needs.

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