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Posted by Drew Dayberry - May 14 2015



As a writer, I suffer from Goldfish Memory, which means I forget anything that I created more than 15 seconds ago.

It can wreak havoc on my writing world because I still write my first draft in longhand. Often, I find something I've written (in my handwriting) and believing it belongs to another writer, I'll spend hours Googling it to make sure I didn't copy it from someone else.

Spending inordinate amounts of time alone in this very Goldfish-like world with only a notebook and a pencil while making shit up in my head can mess with my sense of purpose sometimes.

Before Facebook, I think I just spent a lot of time swimming in circles.

This photo, which includes books I've either written or anthologies that I've contributed to (The Bohemian Love Diaries, Unstuck: 52 Ways to get and keep your creativity flowing, Book Lovers: Sexy Stories from Under the Covers) is a reminder to me that even if I'm doing nothing but swimming in a circle, at least my one circle is getting wider.

I challenge you to widen your own circle this weekend. Visit one of the smaller independent bookstores in your area - one like Chop Suey Books. Find a story of your own and bring it home. (And while you're at it make sure to check out some of the great work the other authors/editors I tagged in this post are doing).

— with Shawna Kenney, Cara Bruce, Noah Scalin, Slash Coleman and The Bohemian Love Diaries.~ 

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