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Posted by Kay Goldsby - December 11 2016

 Our Story

Stories Matter, Tell Yours So People Will Want to Listen

Storytellers Channel produces workshops and performances showcasing people’s authentic stories.  Under the guidance of experienced professionals, workshop participants collaborate to shape and share their personal stories. 

Storytellers Channel Was Founded by Storytellers.

We believe everyone has a story, a good story, maybe even a great story.  Some people discover they have more than one.  Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to tell their stories so others will want to listen.  Some of us cut to the chase too soon, leaving out entertaining and important elements.  Others rattle on, never getting to the point.  Still others of us are afraid of rejection and so keep our stories to ourselves.

Shape a Stronger Story

During our workshops storytellers rehearse telling their stories to one another .  With the help of feedback from fellow participants and their Director, the Storytellers edit and polish their stories, while gaining confidence in their ability to hold their audience’s attention.

Share Your Story with Those Who Matter

Upon completing the workshop, storytellers share their story in a Showcase .  They tell their story on stage in a local theater before an invited audience of their family and friends.  This hospitable environment provides the perfect atmosphere for recounting the stories the participants just “have to tell”.  Those authentic stories that mean so much to our storytellers and their audiences.

We Package, Distribute and Preserve Your Stories

The performances are recorded, and then edited, packaged and distributed for viewing and sale at Storytellers Channel. The recordings are transcribed and the showcase’s stories are published as books. The books are submitted to the Library of Congress and sold on Amazon.

Join Us, Now, and Tell Your Story

Find the Storytellers Channel workshop near you and join us!