Art For The Journey

Art for the Journey is a Richmond art nonprofit dedicated to “transforming lives through art”.  We are a community of artists who bring the joy and satisfaction of art-making to underserved children, veterans with disabilities, incarcerated women, older adults with dementia/Alzheimer’s, and other special groups as well as all adults who just want to paint.  We believe art-making contributes to well-being and even healing.  

The art offered here comes from our volunteer and staff artists, including several who have been nationally recognized.  We represent some 200+ years of experience.  Occasionally you may even see art created in one of our programs.  Your purchases help support these programs.  Visit us at and on FB at

To become a volunteer, contact Jamie Wigginton Director of Programs and Coordinator of Volunteers at:

Our broad cohort of 250+ volunteers includes both artists and “regular people”.  There is a place for everyone on our program teams.

At Crossroads Art Center, artwork from 12 Art for the Journey staff and volunteer artists is exhibited, and proceeds from the sale of art benefit Art for the Journey programs.  For more information about our exhibit, contact Cindy Paullin, Executive Director.

Artists include:

Mark Hierholzer; Cindy Paullin; Jamie Wigginton; Stephanie Shanks; Kimberly Price; Dr. William J. Frable; Gail Clevenger;  Drew Deane; Jacquie Evans; Theresa Halpin; Lezlie Hierholzer; and Lynn Tavenner