Art For The Journey


Art for the Journey

Art for the Journey is a Richmond art non-profit organization dedicated to “transforming lives through art.” We are a community of artists who bring the joy and satisfaction of artmaking to underserved children, veterans with disabilities, incarcerated women, older adults with dementia and/or Alzheimer’s, and other special groups as well as all adults who just want to paint. We believe artmaking contributes to well-being and healing.

The art offered at the gallery and online here comes from our volunteer and staff artists, including several who have been nationally recognized. Some of the art on the Crossroads Art Center (CAC) website was created in one of our studio programs. Proceeds from the sale of art benefit Art for the Journey programs. For more information about our exhibit, email Cindy Paullin, Executive Director, visit the Art for the Journey website or Connect with us on Facebook or Instagram.

Current gallery and online artists include: Mark Hierholzer, Cindy Paullin, Jamie Wigginton, Stephanie Shanks, Gail Clevenger, Drew Deane, Jacquie Evans, Dr. William J. Frable, Theresa Halpin, Lezlie Hierholzer, Kimberly Price, Diana Robinson, and Lynn Tavenner.


Our Heart = Our Volunteers

Our broad cohort of 250+ volunteers includes both artists and non-artists. There is a place for everyone to collaborate and enjoy art program teams. To become a volunteer, email Jamie Wigginton, Director of Programs and Coordinator of Volunteers. Or, if you are interested in becoming a one-time or a sustaining sponsor, go to the Art for the Journey Donations page.


2020 - 2021 Program Highlights
January 2020               Began exhibiting at Crossroads Art Center
March – May 2020      Created the “Art of Community” postcard project, which engaged our incarcerated women, veterans, children and the general public.
Developed and delivered a recorded “Virtual OMA” session, along with senior art kits, to Saint Mary’s Woods.”
                                    Acquired an Art Bus, to be used to distribute “fresh-air” programs and exhibits; and planned for 2021 bus events.
June 2020                    Paint the Lilies Plein Air Event at Don Bright’s Lily Field
September 2020         “The Creative Corner” airs on VPM Classroom
Renovated Williams Frable Art Studio opens at Independence Golf Club
                                    Exhibit at the Virginia Tech Carillion School of Medicine (through January 2021)
October 2020              Artmaking with Veterans at the Virginia War Memorial
                                    Online and In Person Opening Minds Through Art (OMA) Training
November 2020          5th Annual Art Exhibition and Celebration
December 2020          Overcoming Isolation for Elders: Virtual OMA Pilot Program
January 2021               Art for the Journey awarded the Dominion Energy Foundation Art Stars Award
                                    Exhibit at the Library of Virginia - “The Art of Community Postcard Project”
February 2021             Exhibit at the Bonner Center for Community Engagement at University of Richmond 
More to come this year including safe, socially distant and virtual daytime and evening studio art classes.


Artists include:

Mark Hierholzer; Cindy Paullin; Jamie Wigginton; Stephanie Shanks; Kimberly Price; Dr. William J. Frable; Gail Clevenger;  Drew Deane; Jacquie Evans; Theresa Halpin; Lezlie Hierholzer; and Lynn Tavenner