Betsy Moore

Betsy Gates Moore is as passionate about painting in her studio as she is about painting outdoors or “en plein air.” Moore enjoys a lifelong appreciation and education for art and spends the better part of each day painting, learning and continuing to grow as an artist.  She is partial to painting landscapes, seascapes, architecture and still life.  Her artist’s eye is always on the lookout for the next subject to capture on canvas.

Moore takes a “less is more” approach with her painting and prefers a looser style, based on the light-filled paintings of Impressionism.  She knows that editing her compositions is the most important step to achieve that in both simple and complex paintings.  While most of her work is based on actual scenes and vistas which she paints on site or from her own photography, the artist enjoys the freedom to include a wistful whimsy that is ever-present in each of her paintings.  Betsy Moore constantly travels, questions, experiments and truly studies the world around her, as evidenced in her body of work.