Bev Ulrich


  1. Bev has traveled extensively throughout South East Asia and most of Europe. She considers herself lucky enough to have lived in Greece, Spain, England and throughout the United States

  2. Her primary career began as a Draftsperson in Sydney, Australia. It wasn't until living in Spain that art became her main focus and her interest never left. Her belief is: "You don't choose art, art chooses you."

  3. Says “my work isn’t specific to any place or time. Texture is almost always evident in the foundation. Excavating and veiling are used to create a mood or sense of mystery.”

  4. Although she has respect for all forms of art she currently prefers a more abstract approach.

  5. Believes “making art is like bringing a vision laying dormant in the soul into the light. Everything happens in the process of painting. I just begin and the story will unfold.”



Dramatic, mysterious and totally captivating is how Beverley's work has been described. Vibrant colors and strong contrasts are blended together which gives a sense of harmony to her unique style.

Art and traveling have always been an important part of her life. Beverley is originally from Sydney Australia and now resides in Virginia USA.

Her paintings are not specific to any place or time; they are truly intuitive in nature and stem from the subconscious. Therefore, there is also no real inspiration behind the work; it just develops unto itself through the creative process.

Subtle texture is always evident as it is the foundation upon which she builds the composition.  Palette knives and cloths are the basic tools she uses to build up and tear down, excavating and veiling to recreate a sense of mystery.

Bev is a multi award winning artist and has exhibited and won numerous juried shows throughout her career. Her work has been displayed in various Galleries throughout the USA.