Beverley Ulrich

Beverley is originally from Sydney Australia and currently resides in Virginia. 

Her awards are from multiple organizations including Crossroads Art Center, Daytona Beach Art League, Flagler County Art League and Fredericksburg Fine Arts Exhibit.   

The major influence of her work she contributes to travels and cultural experiences encountered around the world.  This has enabled her to infuse her art with a myriad of vibrant colors and textures, which keeps the work fresh and ever evolving. 

Strong contrasts are blended with a superb sense of harmony into a unity of subtle variances.  

The body of work that Beverley is creating is emotionally responsive, unique and captivating with mystical undertones. 

Curiosity is what keeps her going.  There's kind of a wonder in seeing what develops as she starts building a new painting knowing, there are no limits other than her imagination. 

Her core belief is that art, any art, depends upon the artist's passion for the subject and ability to effectively express that feeling in raw emotion caught on canvas. 

The new "Ethereal Series" is created in mixed media which allows for a more textural buildup therefore giving the work more depth.  The process involves working solely with cloths and knives.  The only brush used is for signing the finished piece. 

"Making art is like bringing a vision laying dormant in the soul to the light of day.  Everything happens in the process of painting I just begin."