Brandon Hendrickson

When my daughter was one, we would take walks at different parks. We would come across different spots that would catch my eye and I always thought to myself, “man that would be a great photo.” 

And I would do what everyone else would do, take my phone out and snap a photo. However it never did it justice!  I knew I needed to get a camera and try my hand at photography. I wanted to create images that accurately portrayed what I saw with my eyes. 

I purchased my first camera at the end of 2019. I found a second hand Canon on the Facebook marketplace and drove to Charlottesville to picked it up for $180. It was a Canon T3i, Canon’s entry level DSLR from 2011 and it came with two kit lenses. It wasn’t fancy, but it taught me a lot of what I know now about photography. After bringing it home, I set a 30 day challenge. Every day I would attempt to shoot and post an image on social media. With out a challenge I knew I would play with the camera for a couple days and it would wind up on the shelf collecting dust. During those 30 days I tried different styles of photography, portraits of my daughter or dog, landscape, product, and more. I kept getting drawn back to land and cityscape photography. 

Today I continue to capture Richmond and its various sites and have begun to expand to other sites of Virginia and Washington DC. My photography has also expanded into other areas such as my passion for racing! I’ve been a racing fan since I was 10! You’ll often catch me at Dominion Raceway covering their track events on their 2 mile road course. 

My latest expansion has been into real estate photography. I’ve been working with a handful of realtors lately and have found a lot of enjoyment creating images that help make homes look bright, open, and inviting. 




Wall Art - Photo, Canvas, and Metal Prints


Capturing images of racing and track days

Photo shoots of personal vehicles

Real Estate Photography

Home Listing Images

Drone Photography


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Learn how to kickstart your photography journey with Brandon Michael Photography's in-person event, Starting Photography, and capture stunning moments.

Join us for an exciting in-person event where you can kickstart your photography journey! Hosted at the Crossroads Art Center on Staples Mill Road in Richmond, VA, USA, this event is perfect for beginners looking to explore the world of photography. Whether you're using a DSLR or mirrorless, Brandon will guide you through the basics and help you capture stunning shots.

The workshop is designed to arm you with enough information to start your photography journey. To understand how to shoot in manual mode so that you can work with the full potential of your camera. 

This is the sign up form for the 2 Part Starting Photography Workshop Presented By Brandon Michael Photography. The workshop will take place on August 5 & 12 at the Crossroad Art Center (2016 Staples Mill Rd, RIchmond, VA) from 6:00-7:30pm in Building 3. 
Cost: $100 
Prerequisite: Must have a DSLR or Mirrorless Camera - In other words, the camera allows you to control the settings in manual mode and the lens can be swapped out. 
Make sure you have a working SD Card and Charged Battery 

After you complete the sign up form, an invoice will be emailed to you through Square (please allow up to 48 hr to receive invoice). You may pay by card through the square invoice or bring cash or check to the workshop to pay in person. 

This is a 2 part workshop: 
Day 1 - August 5
Camera Basics - Mirrorless VS DSLR, Prime VS Zoom Lens, SD Card
Exposure Triangle - Learn Manual Mode - Exposure Meter, Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO 
Basic Composition Techniques - Rule of Thirds, Framing, Perspective 
Photo Assignment 
Day 2 - August 12
Review Exposure Triangle from Previous Class & Q&A from Photo Assignment
Review Your Photos 
Basic Editing with Lightroom 
For Any questions regarding the workshop, please reach out to Brandon at or 540-940-9089. 

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